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  • Layer Stranded Fiber Optic Cable

    The layer stranded fiber optic cable is the most widely used optical cable, there are many ways of laying this kind of cable, and suitable for aerial, buried, pipeline, underwater and other...
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  • Self-supporting FTTH Drop Cable

    Self-supporting FTTH drop cable is constructed with one or two single-mode fiber. The cable is protected by a dielectric strength member, suitable for direct aerial installation into the houses in...
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  • Double-Armored Direct Buried Cables

    Double-jacket structure provides the cable nice properties of moisture resistance and crush resistance. Double armor structure provides cable good property of rodent-resistance. It can be used for...
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  • Armored Ribbon Cable

    Armored ribbon cable is suitable for aerial and duct application, and with excellent moisture resistance ability, it can be also used in cable trench. It is a good option for interoffice...
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  • Indoor Drop Cable

    HTTP drop cable also named bow-type drop cable, is a new type of optical cable. It has the characteristics of low transmission loss, light weight and easy construction. It is an important product...
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  • Armored Fiber Optic Cable

    The armored fiber optic cable, also named direct burial fiber optic cable, is a kind of optical cable has the armor made of steel strip or steel wire outside. When using, it is directly buried...
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  • Direct Burial Fiber Optic Cable

    Direct buried cable can be buried directly into the ground in a trench or using a vibratory plow. Except for with great water-blocking and moisture-proof performance, it also has good crushing and...
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  • Central Tube Fiber Optic Cable

    The GYXTW series is central tube fiver optic cable. This kind of tube is made up of fiber optic cable in the center and a loose tube which is made of high modulus material and fill with waterproof...
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  • ADSS Fiber Optic Cable

    The ADSS fiber optic cable also named all dielectric self-supporting optical fiber cable, including central tube type and layer stranded type. It is a kind of non-metallic optical fiber cable...
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  • Outdoor Drop Cable

    HTTP drop cable also named bow-type drop cable, is a new type of optical cable. It has the characteristics of simple structure, light weight and small size. It is widely used in...
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  • Bow-type Drop Cable

    Bow-type drop cable is named HTTP drop cable too. It includes indoor bow-type drop cable, and outdoor bow-type drop cable. For the detail please refer to introduction of indoor drop cables and...
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