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1, How long will the lead time for the product take?

If you choose the existing style and we have the stock, we can deliver the products within 2days.

If you choose the existing style and we don’t have the stock, we can deliver the products within 7days.

If it is the customized style or it is a molding product, it may take several weeks, let’s talk.  

2, Can I request customized services?

You can customize a product through providing the product details information or an existing sample or just an idea. We will do our best to meet the needs of all customers.

 3, How can I confirm product compatibility?

All of the products GuangFan offers are universally compatible, and each item is tested fully before it is packaged. If you have any other questions, you can contact with our sales team for help and assistance.

 4, What about the payment term?

At the beginning of the business, we will only accept prepayment, and we can discuss about the percentage.

 5, Can I get a sample by free?

It depends on what kind of products you want. But normally the customer need to pay for the freight cost even the samples are free.

 5, Can I purchase just a small quantity?

Yes, we can supply you with any quantity, but it must be our existing shape.