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Current Status Of Optical Fiber Communication Technology
Jan 11, 2019

As we all know, in practical applications, the diverse and complex information in today's information society mainly relies on the transmission medium of optical fiber communication technology. Optical fiber communication technology is now becoming an increasingly recognized communication technology in daily life. It plays an increasingly important role. In addition to serving large and medium-sized enterprises, it is also closely related to the lives of each of us.

In today's fast-developing communications era, fiber-optic communication technology has become an important pillar industry of the national economy, and it is also an important symbol of the new generation of information technology revolution in the world. In recent years, with the development of optical fiber communication technology, it is believed that optical fiber communication technology will have more development opportunities, communication capabilities will be improved, and the application range of optical fiber communication technology will be further increased.

After the advent of optical fiber communication technology in the world in the last century, the entire information and communication field in the world has undergone great changes. It can be said that it is an essential and revolutionary change. This change has brought two changes to the communication field: First, optical fiber communication technology uses light waves as a carrier for information transmission, and second, optical fiber communication technology uses optical fiber hardware as an information transmission medium. As far as the current status of optical fiber communication technology is concerned, there are the following aspects:

1. Wavelength division multiplexing technology. The optical wavelength division multiplexing technology (WDM) in optical fiber communication technology makes full use of the advantages of the low-loss area of single-mode fiber and obtains large bandwidth resources. The wavelength division multiplexing technology is based on the case where the frequency and wavelength of each channel light wave are different, and the low loss window of the fiber is planned as a plurality of separate communication pipes, and a wavelength division multiplexer is set at the transmitting end to have different wavelengths. The signals are grouped together and sent to a single fiber for information transmission, and the wavelength division multiplexer at the receiving end separates the optical carriers of different wavelengths carrying a plurality of different signals.

2. Fiber access technology. The access network in the existing optical fiber communication technology is still the original backward analog system dominated by twisted pair copper wires. The huge contrast between the two shows that the access network has indeed become a bottleneck restricting the further development of the whole network. The only long-term technical means that can fundamentally solve this bottleneck problem fundamentally is the optical access network. In the past few years, the core of the network has changed the most. Fiber access network technology is an important technology. It is important because it can provide more and more large and medium-sized enterprises and ordinary users with convenience, and meet the current people's demand for communication.

3. The fusion technology of optical transmission and switching technology in optical fiber communication technology needs to be improved. At present, optical transmission in optical fiber communication technology has been developed to a certain extent, and the switching technology of optical fiber communication technology has also been improved to a certain extent. The development of optical access network communication technology and the core architecture of the network have also been greatly changed. However, how to effectively combine the optical transmission and switching technologies in the fiber access network technology has become a major problem that the communication industry must solve.

Optical fiber communication technology is a very important modern information transmission technology in the field of communication technology. People from all walks of life have realized their own goals by using it to bring convenience to people. When the global communication field and related industries are in a very low state in the world. The relevant departments of China have issued a series of policies to support the sunrise industry in the field of optical fiber communication technology, and the communication industry has been actively exploring optical fiber communication technology. We have reason to believe that with the joint efforts of governments at all levels and the communications industry, fiber-optic communication technology will be greatly improved, and people from all walks of life will certainly get more convenience from fiber-optic communication.

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