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Development Of Optical Fiber Communication
Jan 11, 2019

Do you know what kind of trend is the development of fiber-optic communication? Optical fiber communication is the main transmission means of modern communication networks. Its development history is only one or two decades. It has experienced three generations: short-wavelength multimode fiber, long-wavelength multimode fiber and long-wavelength single-mode fiber.

The birth and development of optical fiber communication was an important revolution in the history of telecommunications, and satellite communications and mobile communications were listed as technologies in the 1990s. After entering the 21st century, due to the rapid development of Internet services and the growth of audio, video, data, and multimedia applications, there is a more pressing need for high-capacity (ultra-high-speed and ultra-long-haul) optical wave transmission systems and networks.

Optical fiber communication is a new communication technology that uses optical waves as a carrier to transmit information and optical fiber as a transmission medium to achieve information transmission.

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