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Performance Requirements For Cable Connector Boxes
Jan 11, 2019

The cable connector box is a connecting part that connects two or more optical cables together and has protective components. It is a must-have in the construction of optical cable lines, and is one of the most important equipments. The quality of the optical cable connector box directly affects the optical cable. The quality of the line and the service life of the cable line.

After the fiber optic connector is protected by the connector box, it should be protected from moisture, and should not increase the attenuation of the fiber connector before protection, and meet the following requirements:

Optical performance
The remaining fiber in the cable connector box is coiled in the fiber placement device. In the operation of installing the cable connector box, the fiber connector should have no significant additional attenuation.

Sealing performance
After the cable connector box is packaged according to the specified operating procedures, the inflation pressure in the cable connector box is (100 ± 5) kPa, soaked in a clear water container at room temperature for 15 minutes, no bubble escape, or stable observation for 24 hours. The indication should be unchanged.

Reseal performance
The cable splice closure is tested after repeating the encapsulation three times in accordance with the specified operating procedures. The inflation pressure in the cable connector box is l00kPat5kPa. It should be immersed in the clear water container at normal temperature for 15 minutes. No bubble escapes, or stable observation. The pressure gauge should be unchanged for 24 hours.

Mechanical behavior
After the following tests, the cable connector box and the parts of the box shall be unchanged. If necessary, pass the light inspection or open the box. The following tests shall be filled in the cable joint box (60 ± 5) kPa air pressure, the air pressure shall be unchanged after the test; the water is immersed in the normal temperature water container for 15 minutes, no bubble escape or stable observation 24h barometer index There should be no change, and the shell and its components should be free of cracks, damage and obvious deformation.

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