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The application of wire and cable is mainly divided into three categories
Nov 30, 2018

1. Power system
The wire and cable products used in the power system mainly include overhead bare wires, bus bars (bus bars), power cables (plastic cables, oil-paper cables (substantially replaced by plastic power cables), rubber cables, overhead insulated cables), and branch cables. (Replaces some busbars), magnet wires, and electrical equipment, wires and cables for power equipment.

2. Information transmission system
The wire and cable used for the information transmission system mainly includes local telephone cable, television cable, electronic cable, radio frequency cable, optical fiber cable, data cable, electromagnetic wire, power communication or other composite cable.

3. Mechanical equipment, instrumentation system
This part is used in almost all other products except for overhead bare wires, but mainly power cables, magnet wires, data cables, instrumentation cables, etc.

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