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The use of fiber optic terminal boxes, you know?
Nov 30, 2018

We all know that the application range of the fiber optic terminal box is very wide, but in practice, the terminal box can be used as an indoor connector box, but the connector box is rarely used as a terminal box, and the use will be different.

1. The transfer box can be divided into cable transfer box and cable transfer box. Their functions are used for wiring at the front end of the user.

2. The connection box generally refers to the fiber optic cable connection box, also called the fiber optic cable connector box. In some places, especially the radio and television system is also called the optical connection package, its function is to protect the cable connector from external damage. The distribution frame is also divided into a cable distribution frame and a cable distribution frame, and functions like a transfer box, but it is used in the operator's machine room.

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