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Unique use requires unique cable products
Nov 30, 2018

As we all know, wire and cable products are used in all areas of human survival. These fields involve all aspects of nature and human life, so the wires and cables used are different. Wire and cable, as we often say, such as low-voltage building wires and power cables, is just a small branch of the wire and cable family, and quite a few special-purpose cables are not known. These special cable products, which we often call special cables, are the products that are currently being vigorously developed. A considerable part of these special products are rubber insulated cables. For applications where the product is resistant to cold, abrasion, scratch, oil, radiation, tear and drag, only rubber insulated cables can be used. It is also the expansion of the field of human activities, the improvement of the requirements for cable varieties, which has promoted the advancement of cable technology, and at the same time, the ancient product of rubber insulated cable has been rejuvenated. For example, a special flexible cable for torsion, cold and flame retardant for wind power generation with low temperature resistance to torsion, moisture resistance, low temperature resistance to bay, salt spray resistance, ultraviolet light, oil resistance, softness and mobility, etc., is a new type of rubber cable that has appeared in recent years. Variety. These cables can be used in wind turbines, as soft wires, control cables and data cables in the cabin, and as wires and power cables in the tower.

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