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Voice Devices

  • Voice Patch Panel

    Voice patch panel is mainly used for the termination, installation and management of voice cables between distribution lines and equipment. It is the medium of the inlet and outlet of landlines,...
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  • Telephone Voice Module

    Voice module is used for the connection of the voice communication socket in working area. It has the compact shape, with clear marking of the general line sequence for completing the termination...
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  • Voice Modular Plug

    Voice module plug is used for the field termination of the equipment or horizontal voice systems Features: ● Made of high density Polycarbonate ● 750 times plug and pull ● Gold plated surface of...
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  • Voice Patch Cord

    10-110 lines patch cord voice patch cord is used for the jumper connection between the voice ports of the devices or distribution lines. 110-RJ45 single pair patch cord is used for interchange of...
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  • Multipairs Cable

    Multi-pairs cable also named multi-cores cable, it means many pairs of cables form a small bundle, and then many small bundles form a large bundle of cables. Multi-pairs Cable is usually used in...
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  • 4 Core Telephone Cable

    Telephone cable is used for horizontal branch cabling, it can be divided into hard sheath cable and soft sheath cable according to different sheath type. Hard sheath cable is used for horizontal...
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